Wednesday, 31 August 2016

The Final Fight..

In an arena called T-Mobile arena, there was a boxing match between Conor Mcgregor and Nate Diaz this fight is the final match everybody started to cheer up so loud that it was heard 2 miles away from the arena. The fight started in the first round Conor Mcgregor started the fight by punching rapidly into Nate Diaz, Nate Diaz started to get tired but he told himself that he would not give up because he tried so hard to be there so he started punching back the fight gets so excited people in the arena started cheering louder and louder and suddenly Nate Diaz released his final punch and it went right through Conor Mcgregor face and the bell rang...

Nate Diaz won the fight!! everybody was in an amazed because first it seem like Conor is going to win, Nate Diaz went back home with tons of money and live happily forever.

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